About George Kotsonis

KMBT_C454-20141113120033George Kotsonis was born at  Palechori, Cyprus in March 1940. In 1958 he studied Art at Saint Martin’s School of Art, London. 

In 1960 he won a scholarship to China, where he continued his studies at the Peking Academy of Fine Art with Ai-Choun-Sin. 

In 1963 he went to Czechoslovakia, on a scholarship, where he continued and finished his studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague with Antony Pelts. He received his degree of Art in 1967 and the title of Academic Artist.    He now lives and works in Paphos, Cyprus.

Whether his subject is t1990 Nude.Acrylic.Artists collection,Paphos 90x120he nude, seascape or portraiture, the first thing one notices about these works are the stillness and total control over the color, composition and space. It seems as if we view these pictures through a subtle opaque glass screen; the colors have become muted and the subject is somehow distanced as though operating on a slightly displaced level of existence. The sense of design and balance and the emphasis on serene harmony make this an art in the classical mould. With the controlled precision of his  draughtsmanship and technique, one feels that Ingres would definitely have approved! John Warren